Summer is almost here, and as teachers, we know that the end of the school year can be both exciting and challenging. It’s crucial to keep students engaged while incorporating educational activities. Let’s explore some fun end-of-year math activities for kindergarten students that you can implement in your classroom.

math coloring activities

– hundred chart mystery pictures

Hundred chart mystery pictures promote kindergarten number recognition, counting, and place value practice through grid coloring. It’s the perfect activity to make them work on these notions with pleasure.

If you don’t want to make this activity yourself or if you want an example to have a template you can buy my pack of 8 images with sheets for kindergarten to grade 2 on my store or download this flower (it’s free!).

– i spy

I Spy game for kindergarteners combines counting, visual discrimination and sometimes coloring.

This is an easy do-it-yourself activity but if you want a ready-made one you can buy my sea pack on my store or download this free flowers and insects sheet.

– roll and color

Roll and color games foster number recognition and counting while promoting fine motor skills.

You can download this free Summer Roll and Color page here.

counting games

– count and clip cards

Count and clip cards engage kindergarten students in hands-on counting practice, enhancing number recognition and fine motor skills.

– domino

Dominoes for kindergarten students foster number recognition, counting practice while promoting social interaction and collaborative play.

– bingo

Number and counting bingo nurtures kindergarteners’ skills in numeral recognition, counting and listening. It’s a very engaging game for the classroom!

– count the room

Count the Room activity immerses kindergarten students in a dynamic, explorative learning experience, boosting counting, numeracy, and observational skills. It’s a perfect activity for little ones who aren’t made to sit in a chair all day!

– I have who has?

“I Have, Who Has?” counting game enhances kindergarten students’ counting skills, listening, communication, and cooperation in an entertaining setting.

Some “I Have, Who Has?” games require children to be very focused and attentive to what their peers are saying. This is the perfect game to teach children the importance of listening to themselves and paying attention to details.

– counting puzzles

geometry activities

– pattern blocks

  1. Geometry activities: Pattern Block Pictures, Shape Scavenger Hunt, Shape Summer Crafts, Summer Puzzles
  • Pattern Block Pictures

– shape scavenger hunt

  • Shape Scavenger Hunt

– shape summer crafts

  • Shape Summer Crafts

logic activities

magic squares





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