As Hispanic Heritage Month approaches, we’ve lined up an engaging exploration of Peruvian culture tailored to kindergarteners. From famous artists to mouth-watering gastronomy, we’re ready to embark on an unforgettable Peruvian journey.

1. Artistic Vistas: Exploring Peruvian Art

Peruvian arts, both contemporary and ancient, offer a diverse range of craft ideas for young learners.

Crafts Inspired by Peruvian Art

  1. Peruvian Weaving: Let your students dive into the ancient tradition of Peruvian weaving. They can create their own simple weaves using colorful yarn. Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Nazca Lines Art: Introduce your students to the mysterious Nazca lines. Using large sheets of paper, they can draw and color their own Nazca-inspired line art.

Famous Artists: Mario Urteaga Alvarado and Tilsa Tsuchiya

  1. Exploring Mario Urteaga Alvarado’s Art: Study Urteaga’s classic Andean artworks and encourage your students to create their own art inspired by his work.
  2. Discovering Tilsa Tsuchiya’s Surrealist Art: Tsuchiya’s work is a treasure trove of Peruvian legends and myths. Use her artworks as a springboard to introduce Peruvian folklore and create related art projects.

2. Hablas Español: Spanish Language Activities

Language is an essential part of culture. Improve your students’ Spanish skills with books and vocabulary games centered around Peru.

Spanish Books:

Up and Down the Andes” by Laurie Krebs is a fantastic book that introduces children to Peruvian culture and the diverse landscapes of the Andes.

Vocabulary Games:

  1. Peruvian Animal Bingo: Make vocabulary learning fun with a bingo game featuring animals native to Peru. This will help your students learn about the rich biodiversity of Peru while enhancing their Spanish vocabulary.

3. Ritmo de Perú: Peruvian Music and Dance

  1. Marinera Dance: Teach your students the steps of the traditional Peruvian Marinera dance with this video tutorial. It’s a fantastic way to blend physical education and cultural learning!
  2. Peruvian Music Appreciation: Play traditional Peruvian songs in the background during craft time to immerse your students in Peruvian culture. Discuss the instruments used, such as the cajón, quena, and charango.

4. Sabores de Perú: Peruvian Gastronomy

  1. Make Peruvian Quinoa Salad: Quinoa, a staple in Peru, is a versatile grain used in various dishes. Introduce your students to Peruvian cuisine with this kid-friendly quinoa salad recipe.
  2. Peruvian Fruit Taste Testing: Like with Mexican fruits, a taste-testing session with Peruvian fruits like lucuma, cherimoya, and passionfruit will expose your students to new flavors and textures.

5. Journey through Peru: Geography Activities

  1. Coloring and Labeling Peruvian Map: With these printable maps of Peru, students can explore Peru’s diverse geography and regions.
  2. Famous Landmark Puzzle: Create puzzles featuring famous Peruvian landmarks like Machu Picchu or Lake Titicaca. As students solve the puzzle, they’ll learn about these significant sites.

6. Life in Peru: Daily Living and Family Life

  1. “A Day in the Life: Peru”: This short documentary provides an intimate look into the day-to-day life of a Peruvian child, perfect for showing to your students.
  2. Family Comparison Chart: After watching the documentary, students can create a comparison chart between their family life and the Peruvian family life shown in the film.

With these activities, your students will have a memorable, enriching experience of Peruvian culture during Hispanic Heritage Month.


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