Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through Colombia, full of fun and enriching activities. From art and music to gastronomy and daily life, let’s dive into this vibrant culture together!

1. A Canvas of Colombia: Colombian Art

Colombian art is renowned for its distinct styles and vibrant colors, offering plenty of inspiration for hands-on activities.

Crafts Inspired by Colombian Art

  1. Botero-Inspired Sculptures: Introduce your students to the unique style of Fernando Botero, who is famous for his exaggerated, voluminous figures. Using modeling clay, your students can create their own ‘Boterismo’ sculptures.
  2. Carnival Masks: The Barranquilla Carnival is a significant cultural event in Colombia. Have your students design and decorate their own Carnival masks using paper plates, paint, and embellishments. Here’s a guide to get you started.

Famous Artists: Fernando Botero and Alejandro Obregón

Present your students with examples of the works of these notable Colombian artists, and discuss their unique styles and contributions to Colombian culture.

2. ¿Hablas Español?: Colombian Spanish Activities

Integrating Colombian Spanish into your classroom activities can be both fun and educational.

Colombian Folklore Stories:

“The Yellow Butterfly” is a delightful Colombian folklore tale that can introduce your students to the country’s rich storytelling tradition.

Vocabulary Games:

  1. Colombian Animal Bingo: Reinforce vocabulary and teach your students about Colombian wildlife with a game of animal bingo. Use names of animals found in Colombia to create a unique and educational experience.

3. Ritmos Colombianos: Colombian Music and Dance

Introducing your students to Colombian music and dance can be a lively and engaging experience.

  1. Cumbia Dance Lessons: Try this kid-friendly cumbia dance tutorial. It’s a fun way to get your students moving and introduce them to a traditional Colombian dance form.
  2. Colombian Music Appreciation: Play traditional Colombian songs during craft or quiet time. Discuss the unique rhythms and instruments associated with Colombian music.

4. Sabores de Colombia: Colombian Gastronomy

Introduce your students to the delightful flavors of Colombian cuisine.

  1. Arepas Show and Tell: Arepas are a staple food in Colombia. Show your students how they’re made and talk about their significance in Colombian daily life. Here’s a simple recipe to help explain.
  2. Colombian Fruit Taste Test: Organize a tasting of fruits native to Colombia, like guava or passionfruit. Discuss the flavors and textures, comparing them to fruits that your students are more familiar with.

5. A Trip to Colombia: Geography Activities

  1. Coloring and Labeling Colombian Map: Using these printable maps of Colombia, students can color and label key Colombian regions.
  2. Landmark Matching Game: Create cards featuring famous Colombian landmarks, such as the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and Tayrona National Park. Students can match the landmarks to their descriptions.

6. Vida Diaria: Daily Life in Colombia

  1. “A Day in the Life: Colombia”: This short documentary gives students a glimpse into the daily life of a Colombian child.
  2. Family Comparison Chart: After watching the documentary, students can create a chart comparing their daily routine to that of the child in the video.

Enjoy these Colombia-themed activities as part of your Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. ¡Feliz enseñanza!


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