Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to introduce your kindergarten students to the vibrant culture of Spain. Join us on a fascinating journey through Spanish art, language, music, gastronomy, geography, and daily life. Let’s go!

1. Palette of Spain: Spanish Art

Spanish art provides an excellent medium to engage your kindergarten students in hands-on activities.

Crafts Inspired by Spanish Art

  1. Picasso-inspired Cubist Portraits: Picasso’s cubist style can be a fun introduction to art. Have your students create their own cubist portraits using colorful construction paper. Check out this simple guide to get started.
  2. Gaudí-inspired Mosaics: Antoni Gaudí’s mosaics are a vibrant part of Spanish architecture. Students can make their own mosaics using colorful paper or tiles.

Famous Artists: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali

Introduce your students to the works of famous Spanish artists like Picasso and Dali. Discuss their unique styles and show examples of their art.

2. Hablas Español: Spanish Language Activities

Spanish language activities provide a great avenue for kindergarteners to engage with Spanish culture.

Spanish Books:

The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf is a classic Spanish tale that can provide a fun and engaging introduction to Spanish culture for kindergarteners.

Vocabulary Games:

  1. Spanish Color Bingo: To reinforce color vocabulary in Spanish, play a game of Bingo with your students. Use Spanish color words for a fun and educational twist.

3. Ritmo de España: Spanish Music and Dance

  1. Flamenco Dance Lessons: Introduce your kindergarteners to the art of flamenco dance with this kid-friendly flamenco dance tutorial.
  2. Spanish Music Appreciation: Play traditional Spanish songs during craft time to create an immersive experience. Discuss the instruments you hear, such as the Spanish guitar.

4. Sabores de España: Spanish Gastronomy

  1. Spanish Tortilla Cooking Demonstration: Demonstrate how to make a simple Spanish tortilla using potatoes and eggs. Although you may not be able to cook in class, you can show the steps and describe the process.
  2. Spanish Fruit Taste Testing: Arrange a tasting of Spanish fruits like persimmons and pomegranates. Compare and contrast the flavors and textures with fruits the students are more familiar with.

5. Journey through Spain: Geography Activities

  1. Coloring and Labeling Spanish Map: Using these printable maps of Spain, students can color and label key Spanish regions.
  2. Famous Landmark Puzzle: Create puzzles featuring famous Spanish landmarks like the Alhambra or the Sagrada Familia. As they complete the puzzle, students learn about these significant sites.

6. Life in Spain: Daily Living and Family Life

  1. “A Day in the Life: Spain”: This short documentary provides an intimate look into the day-to-day life of a Spanish child, perfect for showing to your students.
  2. Family Comparison Chart: After watching the documentary, students can create a comparison chart between their own family life and the Spanish family life presented in the film.

We hope these Spanish-themed activities make Hispanic Heritage Month a fun and educational experience for your kindergarteners. ¡Feliz enseñanza!


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