Welcome to my blog! I’m Sophie, a dedicated mathematics educator with over 14 years of experience teaching students from kindergarten to high school. My enthusiasm is centered around assisting students with learning difficulties, guiding gifted children, and supporting homeschooling families. But of course, this blog is here to help all teachers and families!

Through this blog, I aim to support both teachers and homeschooling parents by providing teaching advice, activity suggestions, and insights into various educational approaches, such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Charlotte Mason.

Not only do I specialize in mathematics, but I also enjoy exploring foreign cultures. Therefore I’ll frequently write articles about foreign countries and showcase resources related to these nations. Engaging in diverse activities, including math, in various languages is an effective way to learn about other cultures and languages. Consequently, I’m dedicated to consistently providing resources in foreign languages, especially French and Spanish, even within the realm of mathematics.

I firmly believe that understanding and enthusiasm are essential for success in math. Unfortunately, many children apply formulas without truly grasping the concepts, and some educators unknowingly promote this practice. My blog strives to inspire a love for learning and a deep understanding of mathematical principles by offering fun, engaging activities.

As a certified Montessori educator with a strong affinity for Reggio Emilia and Charlotte Mason philosophies, I am a firm advocate for child-led learning and project-based education. I will do my best to share insights on these principles and practices, along with other innovative educational methods, to support your teaching journey.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure. I hope my blog offers the inspiration, resources, and support needed to make learning a joyful and fulfilling experience for you and your children.

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